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what even is a 'post reverie'

reverie  ˈrɛv(ə)ri/  noun

  1. a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.

Well currently this is a conceptual sparkle in the eye of one Aven Frey (me) of  Sensate Films and Feck. What it will be is an erotic documentary project, a pay site and a homage to the humanity of sex and sexuality. If you're reading this it's probably because you're my friend, or you've been referred by a friend and or you've contributed to one of the Feck sites. Either way you're someone who, if you're interested and the time is right I'd love to work with on this project. For clarity, while my work with Sensate and Feck has informed this new endeavour, it is completely independent of those projects.

A bit about the site

It will be beautiful. The content will consist of short and long form documentary films shot by contributors (hopefully you) of themselves chronicling some aspect, or all aspects of their sexuality over the period of around a month. An emphasis will be placed on presenting, with sensitivity and without sensationalism a broad spectrum of sex practices and sexual and gender identities with special reverence to the politics of self representation.


What I need from you

If you're interested in contributing I'll provide you with a good quality handycam, mic and lightweight tripod so that you can document yourself over a nominated period of time, up to around a month. While it's not a prerequisite if there is something particular going on your life that you think would make a good premise for a film we can work with that. This is a paid gig and there are a few minimum requirements such as nudity and orgasms! We want to turn people on and we want to do it in complex and beautiful ways that refute the notion that representing pleasure is some kind of transgressive act. We need to make something real, however I'm not tied to conventional notions of authenticity. If you wanted to make this an art project, cool. If you wanted to candidly document your sex life, cool. If you wanted to do both, cool! If it's sexy, thoughtful and true to you it will work for me. Friends and lovers are more than welcome and I can either pay them per appearance or protect their identity by masking out facial features, tattoo and scars. Layering of audio, restricted compositions, playing with points of views (give them the camera) are some of the creative ways to include someone who is an important part of your sexual life but who may not want to be recognisable on the Internet. 

If you're stuck, run some ideas past me! There are many ways to approach this project and I am happy to be a sounding board . I'm usually pretty good at fleshing out ideas and honing a narrative focus. Ultimately though it's up to you and that is the very thing that will make this site beautiful, different and important!





A bit about me — Aven Frey

 I am an artist, colourist, screen editor, documentarian and long standing smut maker! I am one half of Sensate Films and I've been working at Feck running post for the site for over ten years. I am most interested in making beautiful things. These are some of my creds, please note, trailers contain nudity and adult themes …


Co-Director and Editor 'Love Hard', 2015 - 18+ trailer contains adult themes.

Editor and Head of Post for

Editor and Producer 'The Video Diaries', 2017  - 18+ trailer contains nudity and sexual themes.

Co-Producer, Co-Director and Editor at GentlemanHandling



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